Glassware Hire

Whether its toasting the happy couple, celebrating a loved ones' anniversary or birthday, or whether it is a family get-together, we have the glassware to make the perfect speech and toast with, to suit all drinks from champagne to water.

Choose from our beautiful ranges and styles or contact one of our advisers for more information to help you make your choice.

Teardrop Stemmed Glassware Price (ex vat)
6oz Flute / Champagne £0.30
6oz White wine £0.30
8oz Red Wine £0.30
12oz Grand Vin / Water Goblet £0.30

Traditional Glassware Price (ex vat)
Bubble Glass 17oz £0.20
Glass Sundae Dish £0.25
Knicker Bocker Glory Glass 7 1/2 inch £0.35
Sherry / Port Glass £0.40
Carafe £1.50
Irish Coffee £0.35
Royal Flute £0.40
Water Jug £1.00
2oz Shot Glass £0.30
Saucer Champagne £0.35
Y Shaped Cocktail £0.35
Brandy Balloon £0.40
12oz Pimms £0.22
8oz Whisky/Mixer Glass £0.20
6oz Champagne Flute £0.20
8oz Paris Goblet £0.20
6 2/3oz Paris Goblet £0.20
1/2 Pint Pilsner £0.20
6oz Slim Jim £0.20
8oz Slim Jim £0.20
12oz Slim Jim £0.20
1/2 Slim Jim £0.20
Pint Glass £0.20
6oz Champagne Flute Glass £0.26
6oz White Wine Glass £0.26
8oz Red Wine Glass £0.26
12oz Grand Vin/Water Goblet £0.26
 All Prices Plus VAT