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Cake Stands & Tableware

No table is complete without accessories. We have the perfect range of products for hire to help you add the finishing touches to your event.

Our range includes cake stands, punch bowls, candelabras, table number stands, platter dishes, buffet bowls and woks. Contact us to speak with an advisor on what you will need in order to cater for everyone.

White Cake Stands
Cake Stand
Silver Cake Stand

Wedding Cake StandsPrice Per Item (ex vat)
 All Prices Plus VAT
E Scroll 3 Tier£15.00
S Scroll 3 Tier£15.00
Swan Scroll 3 Tier£15.00
C Scroll 2 Tier£15.00
Square Silver£15.00
Round Silver£15.00
Large 3 Tier Cup Cake Stand St St£8.00
Small 3 Tier Cup Cake Stand St St£4.50
Porcelain Cake Stands£2.50

Silver Trays

Stainless SteelPrice Per Item (ex vat)
Oval Platter St St 14” / 16” / 18”£1.00
Oval Platter St St 20ӣ1.20
Oval Platter St St 24ӣ1.40
Round Platter 12” / 14” / 16”£1.20
Veg Dish Plain 12ӣ1.20
Veg Dish Plain 14ӣ1.20
Veg Dish Plain 16ӣ1.20
Veg Dish Plain 20ӣ2.00
Veg Dish Divided 12ӣ1.30
Veg Dish Divided 14ӣ1.30
Veg Dish Divided 16ӣ1.30
Veg Dish Divided 20ӣ2.20
Chafing Dish (With Fuel)£11.00
Roll Top Chafing Dish (With Fuel)£15.00
Round Chafing Dish (With Fuel)£12.00
Soup Terrine 10 Pint£3.50
Table Number Stands£1.75
Salmon Flat£3.50
Cafetiere, 8 Cup£2.95
St St Gravy Boat75p


Silver PlatePrice Per Item (ex vat)
Punch Bowl EPNS£15.00
3 armed Candelabra£5.50
Large 5 Armed Silver Candelabra Complete With Battery Candels£15.00

Buffet Display - BugambiliaPrice Per Item (ex vat)
Granite Black / Grey Deep Texas Round Bowl5.75
Granite Black / Grey Deep Square Bowl 14.25"8.5
Granite Black / Grey Deep Square Bowl 11.5"5.75
Granite Black / Grey Wok 18.5"11.5
Granite Black / Grey Square Bowl 15.25"8.5
10" Square Stand1.5
Chopsticks Stands 8", 12", 16" and 21"1.5