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Crockery & Cutlery Glass Hire Derby

At Bybrook Event & Furniture Hire we value style and the finer details of events just as much as the more practical elements. We offer a variety of crockery to hire that will surely compliment any theme or style you have chosen for your wedding or event.

Affordable prices mean the ability to mix and match to achieve the perfect overall look whilst adding your own personality with our collection of more traditional styles and modern contemporary styles.

If you would like to discuss your requirements with one of our advisers, contact us anytime.

Tableware Crockery

Duchess White Bone ChinaPrice Per Item (ex vat)
Large Pasta Dish£0.50
Butter Pad£0.12
Tea Pot£3.75
Coffee Pot£3.75
Salt and Pepper Pot£1.10
Odd Shaped Serving Dish£1.40
Oval Serving Dish 9 1/2 Inch£1.20
Serving Dish£1.20
Milk Jug / Gravy Boat 1 Pint£1.20
Milk Jug 1/2 Pint£1.00
Cream Jug 1/4 Pint£1.00
Demitasse Cup and Saucer£0.30
Coffee Cups and Saucers£0.30
Tea Cups and Saucers£0.40
Fruit / Cereal / Soup Bowl£0.20
Plates, Dinner£0.25
Plates, Tea£0.20
Sugar Bowl£0.85
12" Oversized Dinner Plate£0.45
Plates, Dessert / Fish£0.20

Square Crockery

Square DesignPrice Per Item (ex vat)
Consommé Bowls£0.25
Dip Dish Small Square£0.15
Oval Twist Dish£0.25
Rectangular Serving Plate 12" x 5"£0.40
Rectangular Serving Plate 10" x 5"£0.40
Side Plate 6"£0.30
Cereal / Dessert Bowl£0.35
Dinner Plate 8"£0.35
Square Dinner Plate 10"£0.45
Rice Bowls£0.25

Gold Trim crockery

Gold Band PorcelainPrice Per Item (ex vat)
Tea Pot£3.95
Coffee Pot£3.95
Sugar Bowl£0.85
Cream Jug£0.85
Tea Cups and Saucers£0.35
Soup Plate£0.25
Fruit Dish£0.25
Plates. Tea / Side 6 1/4"£0.20
Plates, Cheese / Fish 7 1/2 Inch£0.20
Plates, Salad 9"£0.20
Plates, Dinner 10"£0.25
Plates, Dinner 11"£0.30
Plates, Oval£0.30
 All Prices Plus VAT